In emergency, phone 000  NSW Rural Fire Service

The 2014-2015 fire season commenced on 1 October 2014 and will run until 31 March 2015. The end date may change depending on weather and conditions. Current indications show a significant chance of an El Nino with above average temperatures and below average rain for the rest of the summer.

Wallaroo Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade is a New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) unit.  All members of the brigade are volunteers and train regularly to fight bush fires, grass fires, building and vehicle fires, as well as attending motor vehicle accidents. 

We respond to a varying number of incidents per year in the brigade area, between Canberra and Murrumbateman, and also send crews and units to incidents within the zone, state or even interstate. 

Wallaroo residents please note the brigade's new Strategic Plan, a living document that will be updated as required. It shows how we are addressing our increasing membership, increasing population and our border with development in the ACT. 

We are receiving great support from the Wallaroo community and in particular:

  • Lawrence and Hanson
  • Canberra Switchboards
  • Toni Makkai

Incidents attended during the 2013-2014 fire season. Recent rain has temporarily reduced the local wild fire risk, but the landscape will continue to dry through the summer.

  • Attended a grassfire at Church Lane.
  • Attended a Grassfire at Wallaroo Road.
  • Attended a motor vehicle accident (MVA) at Wallaroo Road.
  • Attended an (MVA) at Oakey Creek Road.
  • Attended an illegal camp fire.
  • Attended a chimney fire Gooromon Ponds Road.
  • Attended a grassfire at Wallaroo Road.
  • Attended an un-notified fire on Johnson Road.
  • Attended an un-notified fire on Church Lane.
  • Note: The Wallaroo Brigade Pre-Indicent Plan is now available on the Brigade Area Page.

We are an active training brigade, with our regular training nights usually attended by over 20 people.  Our members are a diverse group including farmers, tradespeople, public servants and lawyers.  We always welcome new members and supporters. Recently we have welcomed 8 new members and considerably increased the number of female members in the brigade. 

Volunteers are welcome. See our flier here 228kb.

Fire Danger

Current Fire Danger can be found on the RFS website. Click on region 9 (Southern Tablelands) on the map in the link to find the local fire danger. (Fire Danger)

Last updated on 16/12/2014.